Building ONE global culture

Building ONE global culture

Integrating personal development for employees in a large transformation project makes the journey powerful, both for the individuals and the organization.


A leading player in the sensor industry had acquired many small companies around the globe. In order to fully leverage their growing global presence, they made every effort to communicate a clear vision and harmonize their systems and processes.

After having supported them by designing learning programs to communicate their vision and new processes to their subsidiaries, their Learning & Development department asked for our support to now really ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’.ONE global entrepreneurial culture with sharing and collaboration at its core would be a critical success factor.


We customized greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS. The program’s flow was adjusted, the graphical style adapted to their corporate identity, and the name changed into ‘Making it Happen”.

Through a series of pilot tests, we found buy-in from chosen managers, and started creating buzz amongst employees.

HR and L&D professionals as well as volunteering managers were trained to be facilitators and rolled out the combined programs ‘Exploring our Vision’ and ‘Making it Happen’.


The program supported managers and employees in raising their individual effectiveness and the quality of their collaboration.
It fostered respect and trust amongst people, teams and business units across country and language borders.
It was very well received in different countries and continents and continues to make a valuable contribution to the company’s cultural development.


A management team that creates a vision and aligns all managers around it, then communicates it well to the entire corporation and on top of that designs excellent processes to support the transformation, still need to engage their employees.
In order to “make it really happen’, greytogreen can be customized to better integrate into the entire communication programs.

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