Managing during a time of intense challenge

Managing during a time of intense challenge

Keeping teams focused and engaged during disruptive change saves energy.


A US-based global medical device company merged with a French-based medical devices company. On the French side, there was uncertainty around changing focus, internal procedures, the new culture and, of course, there was fear of losing influence.
The R&D management team wanted to support their teams to develop an engaged and constructive attitude towards the change, and at the same time increase their influence zone.

They choose to work with our local Solution Partner, who closely collaborated with greytogreen facilitators in the different countries.


Together with the business leader and his team, we co-developed a modular program of four workshops, including timely debriefing sessions in order to align the management team.

Module 1 laid the foundation, using the greytogreen approach in change, disruption and other challenging situations. In modules 2, 3 and 4, the acquired knowledge was applied to their concrete business challenges throughout the change period.

Between modules, participants continued to apply the greytogreen approach, on their individual challenges and supporting each-other through peer-coaching and they received online questionnaires to stimulate reflection.


A well-aligned and engaged community of managers strongly supported each other to remain motivated and engaged in an uncertain and stressful environment, while delivering high-standard business results.


The partnership approach between greytogreen and business leaders increased the deployment’s impact and sustainability.
In a time of disruption, such as a merger, when goals are still unclear, an aligned management team, focused on leading their teams, is essential.

Spreading the program over 9 months, with online questionnaires, feedback sessions and practical follow-up sessions is key in increasing awareness, practice, reflection and integration of the method, driving real attitude change.

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