greytogreen is

an attitude to life

  • Self-leadership to better confront challenges and increase performance.
  • A focus on fostering quality, effectiveness and joy in collaboration.

Adopting the greytogreen attitude helps to stay confident and focused. It saves time and directs our energies on what we can influence, especially in turbulent times.


one process,
two workshops

CHOICES & RESULTS you learn about what hold you back and practice how to handle challenging situations more effectively. Download a flyer.

PURE MOTIVATION you focus on your personal development, beyond dealing with adversities. You remove obstacles that have been limiting you and start experimenting with what’s supportive to you and the people around you. Download a flyer.

Both greytogreen workshops enable you to move from being limited by unconscious motives and unexamined assumptions to being more objective, conscious, constructive and joyful.

a practical approach

Based on well-founded coaching and social psychology theories, the greytogreen learning can immediately be applied by any learner, in any context.

Hands-on interactive pedagogy anchors learning and drives action.

Through structured dialogues, participants blend the input from the program with own and their colleagues experiences and thus create new learning and a common language.

A first transfer to own reality is done in the workshop and enriched through buddy coaching.


simple – scalable –


Accessible to all, independent of previous knowledge and learning styles. Clear and direct language and easy to grasp concepts. Participants develop a common vocabulary that facilitates future collaboration.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.



Easily cascaded throughout an organization, bringing empowerment from within. Start with one team, then spread the approach to employees across multiple sites and countries. External greytogreen facilitators or your own leaders can facilitate the learning.

Empowerment is not only to be given; it needs to be owned as well!


when the greytogreen attitude becomes an integral part of your company culture, you enhance the social dimension of your sustainability efforts.

Social sustainability is the foundation of economic and environmental sustainability.