Developing a teamwork attitude to foster performance and innovation

Developing a teamwork attitude to foster performance and innovation

A serious development program has time and resources set aside for teams learn together, apply individually or together and learn through build-in follow-up sessions and feedback loops.


The company which designs and produces electronic components and subsystems for various industries, had been reorganized into different business units.

Developing and maintaining teamwork between the new business units became mission critical. An organization-wide “teamwork attitude” and a shared language to foster performance and innovation was needed.

A manager contacted our Solution Partners, with whom he had already implemented the greytogreen approach for his own team.


Together with managers and HR professionals, we created a learning program with greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS at its center. The intended program was presented to employees during a “lunch and learn session”, after which they could choose to register.

A goal was to achieve maximum behavioral change.
Two greytogreen facilitators were role models for teamwork and cooperation. The co-development approach perfectly fitted into the collaborative processes already used in the client’s culture.

The program was split into three parts:

  • A one-day greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS experience to build the foundation,
  • On-the-job learning, where participants practice the greytogreen process on real work challenges, including peer-coaching,
  • Half-a-day follow-up session focused on sharing learning and best practices.


Participants developed a deep understanding of personal autopilot reactions and judgmental attitudes, which had created conflict and tensions in the past.
With the greytogreen experience, they started to take constructive action on an individual and team-level first. On a company level, a whole new way of interacting with each other and increased collaboration could be observed.


greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS can be the cornerstone for change. Creating a common language on how we think and communicate plus peer-coaching allows people to apply the process to individual and team challenges, and to create real-life results.

Follow-up and review sessions help anchoring the greytogreen attitude,

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