greytogreen story


The Power of Learning pedagogy in large-scale change and transformation projects

For over a decade, Diane Van den Berge, Managing Director at Celemi, supported top management to align on their vision and strategy and recreated their learning path in the form of learning journeys for employees to understand the why, what and how of the intended transformation.

AHA - Empowerment needs not only to be given, it needs to come from within

Not very long after the high-adrenaline programs were implemented, disappointment and demotivation re-appeared. Through her coaching studies, Diane learned to work on obstacles people have within themselves, that limit them individually and in collaboration with their managers and colleagues.

A scalable approach - bridging knowledge from two fields - Designed learning journeys and coaching

Real transformation is possible only through greater self-awareness and self-leadership. So, with a developer team, she combined theories of social psychology with practical coaching approaches. They designed the greytogreen workshops, using the proven ‘Power of Learning’ pedagogy.

First 5000 participants

Tried and tested in several languages and cultures throughout Europe, the Middle East, USA and China, greytogreen was customized and embedded into two different transformation programs, one for a Swiss telecom operator, the other for a global technology firm.
We learned and adapted the flow of the workshops and created the latest update.


greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS and greytogreen PURE MOTIVATION, version 2.0

In 2019, with the finalisation of the development, a new focus was needed. Michael Schwarz and Diane Van den Berge teamed up, purchased the IP and Registered Trademark form the developing team and started working on the potential future.


In November 2019 Michael and Diane founded peppermind AG, a Swiss company and greytogreen® now is a registered trademark of peppermind AG. International consultants, coaches, and facilitators are joining the ecosystem of peppermind Solution Partners.

2020 was a year of disruption – a year we used to become more technologically-aware.  greytogreen Choices & Results – the virtual workshop was born out of a need. Blended versions are available as well.



peppermind AG’s main driver is put entrepreneurial weight behind the vision: the greytogreen attitude will be applied across organizations, industries and geographies, creating momentum for cultural change at work.

The second driver is to blend the human, value-creation and performance dimensions of a business and thus impact both the personal and organizational change. Close collaboration with Celemi International AB , the company that created the ‘power of learning’ pedagogy makes this possible.

peppermind Solution Partners

The third driver is to create an ecosystem of professional coaches, consultants and facilitators with diverse competences, who like to cooperate on projects for their clients.

A growing number of peppermind Solution Partners are now offering greytogreen and Celemi learning solutions to their clients, both as presence and virtual learning programs.