Changing the world of work

Leadership team

Diane Van den Berge, co-creator
Diane Van den BergeBefore co-creating greytogreen, Diane worked for over 25 years as a change management consultant, facilitator and coach for numerous leading global companies. She has successfully led many corporate rollout programs involving tens of thousands of employees.
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I co-created and facilitate greytogreen because I believe that people and organizations can be so much livelier and more productive. The main thing we need to change is our attitude.

Diane Van den Berge

Iele Steen, co-creator
Iela SteenIele started her career as a lawyer and later managed an international consulting firm. For over 16 years, she has worked as a trainer and consultant deploying interactive learning methods and strategic business simulations for her clients.
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I love creating and using learning tools so participants can grow and discover how they can make a difference for themselves, their surroundings and their company.

Iele Steen

Jens Goder, co-creator
Jens GoderJens has created large-scale change programs for blue chip companies all across Europe for the past 15 years. Topics ranged from vision, strategy and values to financial controls, sales processes to purchasing, and leadership to e-business. Over the years, Jens’ focus has shifted more and more towards people and their driving forces. Today, he also works as a holistic coach.
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I love to work with people, to help them find meaning in what they do and how they live. Meaning, satisfaction and happiness are the most important things in the world – also in business.

Jens Goder