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Are you a corporate coach, consultant or professional facilitator? Are you interested in offering a simple, high-quality learning experience that can increase the effectiveness of the other tools and methods you use? Are you looking for the support of an international, multicultural network to help you grow your business and bring sustainable results for your clients and their teams?

Contact us today to learn more about partnering with greytogreen, or how to become a certified greytogreen facilitator.

Our current focus is on English, French, German and Swedish speaking countries in Europe, but we welcome all partnership enquiries.

Why join the greytogreen network?

  • Boost your business through our flexible per-participant licensing model.
  • Benefit from joint marketing and promotional opportunities.
  • Obtain qualified leads and shared opportunities from network partners.
  • Decrease preparation time with pre-defined modules and high-quality training materials.
  • Co-create custom programs to fit your clients' specific needs.
  • Open the door to new and recurring coaching opportunities with your existing client base.
  • Differentiate yourself from standard training and coaching offerings.

Voices of the network

  • Anouk ClercI found greytogreen interesting because of the way it addresses real-life issues while maintaining a safe learning environment. I tested it, I adopted it. I was trained and became a certified facilitator. I'm now able to adapt the module based on the specific issues, expectations, and business goals of my clients.

    Anouk Clerc, France
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Partnership opportunities

Why choose greytogreen?

I spend a lot of time creating on-demand workshops and need some ready-packaged modules to complement the customized consulting work I do for my clients. I'm looking for something that will enable my clients to reach their goals faster and easier, while reducing my preparation time.

Fabrice L., professional facilitator

My client is looking to improve the way people throughout their organization communicate, so they can better learn from their mistakes and give feedback to each other honestly and constructively.

Craig B., change management consultant