Bringing a new leadership approach to life

Bringing a new leadership approach to life

Self-leadership is the foundation of any leadership program


A leading Swiss telecommunications provider implemented a new leadership concept with four core competencies. Self-leadership was the foundation and the thread throughout the program.

The client wanted a novel way to bring their ‘Leadership Map’ to life within the organization and found greytogreen was extremely compatible with what their self-leadership pillar was to be.

They asked us to develop an interactive learning program, integrating greytogreen into the ‘Leadership Map’.


Together with the client’s core team, we designed a one-day workshop that consisted of

  • Introduction of ‘Leadership Map’: a structured discussion around how to live the 4 core competencies in daily business, potential obstacles and benefits of the new approach.
  • A customized version of greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS in order to fully fit their understanding of the self-leadership core competency.
  • A learning session on how to use the Leadership Map Tool for personal and career development.

The dedicated project team collaborated closely with us during the program development. We created the flow of the day, decided on key focus points, and integrated the client’s own language and cases. We conducted a series of joint working sessions and pilot tests with the target audience in order to secure full buy-in. Then, with fully designed learning materials, including a scripted facilitator guide and supporting slides as well as a two-day facilitator training of managers and HR professionals, they rolled out the program internally.


The internal rollout organization team and facilitators delivered a  series of energizing events.
A growing number of participants started visibly leading with their newly acquired Leadership Map competencies.

The learning program was clearly perceived as a message from within the company. People recognized their attitudes, culture and daily reality in the examples, as well as their own company-specific language. greytogreen thus became an integral part of management’s understanding of self-leadership.


When a company communicates a new leadership model, it is vital to quickly connect the message with concise, recognizable practices. By integrating greytogreen into the overall concept of the Leadership Map, engagement with the new model became easy.

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