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Core workshops & modules

greytogreen is based around two mutually reinforcing but independent one-day workshops and a series of complimentary modules and learning tools. This process can run under the guidance of your own team leader(s) or a greytogreen facilitator.

current-languages Program materials are currently available in English, French, German and Swedish. Contact us to enquire about additional languages.

Core workshops

Both greytogreen core workshops create awareness. They enable participants to identify their stress-induced autopilot reactions and move beyond being simply guided (and limited) by their unconscious motives, assumptions and beliefs and are able to move to objective, conscious and constructive action.

greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS

 Workshop overview
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Participants learn and practice how to face unexpected or challenging situations effectively. They use the greytogreen process to widen their choices and create results, both for themselves and their organization.


 Workshop overview
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Going a step further, participants connect with their intrinsic motivation and redirect their energies to see and develop their potential. The workshop enables them to find out what really drives them and how to integrate these strengths and talents into their work.

Workshop booklets

greytogreen customized for your organization

greytogreen's modular approach makes it particularly suitable for tailoring to your organization or project's specific needs.

We regularly partner with HR professionals, change leaders and corporate universities to develop customized learning experiences.
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