Leading and Self-Leading towards New Work

Developing a teamwork attitude to foster performance and innovation

greytogreen can be used as the cornerstone of a series of interventions and not a one-time event - strengthening the program's impact.

the challenge

The company which designs and produces electronic components and subsystems for medical, industrial, scientific, aerospace and defense applications had been reorganized into various business units. It became clear very quickly that developing and maintaining teamwork between the new BUs was important. The client set out to imbue the whole organization with a “teamwork attitude” and a shared language to foster performance and innovation.

In 2016, a manager who already used the greytogreen approach, contacted the original facilitators to create a dedicated program to address this new challenge.

greytogreen’s approach

greytogreen partnered with managers and HR to customize greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS to meet their participants’ specific needs. Together, the client and greytogreen consultants defined an effective communication approach - the program was presented to employees during a “lunch and learn session” so they were able to register, knowing what was awaiting them. The goal was to have as many employees as possible consciously choosing to join the workshop.

The program consisted of a series of interventions in order to achieve a maximum behavioral change. The one-day greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS experience created a substantial and engaging opening to the program which was followed by a half-day workshop six weeks later.

This half-day follow-up session focused on sharing what they learned by using the greytogreen approach and experiences with real-life cases helped to further embed the greytogreen message into daily business. In between the two sessions, participants practiced the greytogreen process using peer-coaching.

The two greytogreen facilitators served as role models for teamwork and cooperation. The co-development approach perfectly aligned with both the values of greytogreen and the collaborative processes already used in the client’s culture.

the results

Participants developed a deep understanding of their autopilot reactions and the judgmental attitude which had created conflict and tensions. With the greytogreen experience, participants started to make conscious choices and took constructive action on an individual level. On a company level, a whole new way of interacting with each other and the development of teamwork could be observed.

the take-away

Using greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS as the cornerstone of a series of interventions strengthens the message and the impact tremendously. The peer-coaching work, as well as the follow-up session, allowed people to apply the process to individual and team challenges, and to create real-life results. Having two follow-up sessions plus a review session six months later would have been even better.

Feedback from clients & partners

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